Working on Grey’s Anatomy is the worst thing in the world.

Working on Grey’s Anatomy is the worst thing in the world.

When you have to peel yourself off of crammed public transport to then sweat your way up twelve flights of stairs, wrestle your way into your grey-ass office and then be greeted with fifty shades of shade from the new receptionist at an hour god didn’t even know existed yet, spare a thought for the poor lambs on the set of Grey’s Anatomy who have it way worse than you, me, or Ebola workers in West Africa.

After you’d survived the horrors of Katherine Heigl you’d think that the only way would be up for the tricks on Grey’s, but unfortunately there is still some sadomasochistic horror (I see you, McDreamy) on the set who is demanding that the only fun part of shooting a tv show becomes the worst part about shooting a tv show.

Craft services on Grey’s Anatomy reads like a Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook and there’s bound to be a high up  skinny acting ho to blame for that, because the only thing that ever gets camera operators past the sixteenth hour of shooting is copious amounts of crispy bacon drizzled in maple pecan sauce. According to TMZ the Grey’s craft table includes the following

  • egg whites with zucchini
  • turkey bacon
  • vegetable sausage
  • gluten-free banana oatmeal
  • greek yogurt
  • berries and other fresh fruit for juicing

I know the actor sorts aren’t allowed to eat more than a rationed amount of almonds once every three days, but this is no way to treat your colleagues, Grey’s Anatomy! I have kindly revised the above to create a food list that everyone at Grey’s will be happy with

  • egg whites with zucchini served on a platter of bacon
  • turkey bacon served in a pool of syrup
  • vegetable sausage house. A house literally made out of sausages.
  • gluten-free banana oatmeal  lard.
  • greek yogurt served as a side for 12 types of Nestle cereal.
  • berries and other fresh fruit for juicing chocolate chocolate chocolate, ACK!

So the next time you complain about unfavourable working conditions, lack of AC in the office, or the fact that you are likely to be exposed to a life-threatening virus as part of your job then stop and be mindful of the poor malnourished boom pole operators struggling to keep their arms up on the set of Grey’s. There’s always someone worse off.

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