Tori Spelling’s cannonball titties are here to say hello.

Tori Spelling took a break from her busy career of pretending to be upset at her husband for sticking his peen in a non Preying Mantis vagina yesterday, in order to take her kids to the beach.


Tori is at this stage basically as big as Britney and Brangelina combined, so it made total sense that the paparazzi would be following this international A+++ lister to the beach to sneak pictures of her and her family sharing private moments.

Since no Tori Spelling outing would be complete without something a little terrifying for the eyeballs, Tori covered up most of her face with sunglasses but made sure that the world was able to see her giant  cannonball titties.


As with all celebrity beach pictures, Tori and her family did a lot of fuck all other than splash around and pretend to not know the cameras were there. Dean was there too but was busy surfing. And by surfing I mean looking for any other poon to hit than his wife’s. You have to feel a little bit sorry for Tori Spelling and her general life, but as long as you do it from a safe distance as when she readies her legs she can jump anywhere from 40-45 feet according to Encyclopedia Britannica.


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