Tori Spelling is doing this now.

Tori Spelling in the early 90’s was the original role-model for nepotism in media. She literally had the talent of an egg and yet was pretty much everywhere. And now, over twenty years later, Tori Spelling is still blazing trails as the original role-model for ‘shamelessly hustling for every last dime when the whole ‘nepotism’ thing stops”.

EW reports that Tori is now the face for that extremely well-known and super-chic brand “Psychic Source”. In case it’s not clear, that means Tori is now the face for a dial up psychic hotline.

And I think that the Psychic Source might have a few legal issues on it’s hands for the lie-telling fuckery that is going on in Tori’s debut ad. In it, an absolutely ravishing Spelling reads

“I’m Tori Spelling, Wife, Mother, Actress”

Which i suspect is a redraft from a more honest version which read:

“I’m Tori Spelling, Shameless, Opportunist, Preying Mantis”.

Tori is obviously the Source spokesperson because she 1000% believes that Psychic Source will help you find the answers and insights you need to truly find a happier you. She’s definitely not just there to help pay off that $38,000 debt American Express is suing her for.

I guess we shouldn’t be mad at Tori Spelling for turning to Psychic Source when staged paparazzi shoots and reality shows turned their back on her; whats a literally shame-free girl to do when she needs to make a buck for more un-necessary cosmetic surgery?


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