The Voice invites two stray cats to fight in a bag onstage.


Remember when Whitney and Mariah performed at the AMAs and the vocal register took a beating harder than any of Chris Brown’s friends or family?

Well that shit seems like a flawlessly restrained, humble and mutually respectful affair when stacked up against the absolute catastrophe that was the Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga duet on the finale of The Voice.

Maybe The Voice should be re-titled “The Scream” because basically Gaga just stood on a stage and screamed at Christina Aguilera, who then screamed back at Gaga. Not only that, but Gaga and Xtina looked like they had to share weave budget and it was hard to tell who was who for most of the performance. It was the duet that a grand total of 2 people have been desperate to see for their entire day, and both of those people were there on stage.  

Christina should have taken a quick second out of caterwauling to thank Gaga for being the sole inspiration for Bionic. Whilst Gaga should have thanked Christina for making it all possible for her and a whole generation of screamers. Without Christina, so many basic singers would not have reached for the stars and started yelling to fill in a lack of vocal talent. 

Meanwhile Beyonce hasn’t lifted a single finger and has basically outsold their entire combined discography in 24 hours.

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