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Hello Loyal Readers (Are there any of you left?)

I wanted to write a little update since the last time we posted was way back in February of this year.  For those of you who actually used to read the site on a regular basis – you might have noticed that a few months after I wrote a really fucking golden post about Rita Ora (???) and Gerard Butler (:/) we sort of stopped paying for hosting and LA-Deli appeared to vanish in a puff of smoke into the night as we’d done before with

We haven’t exactly been cool to the people who’ve been followers and readers in that regard and for that, I’d like to apologize.

The site was created during a time where there was a hunger for celebrity culture to be lampooned and satirized, and the writers involved actually found it fascinating enough to cover. But unfortunately as the years have worn on and we’ve found ourselves less and less motivated to write for the site, as busy lives intervene.

There was a time when the site looked like it could become a huge, self-sustaining entity in it’s own right, but I had to make some tough choices at that juncture, and opted to put myself through school and pursue my career outside of writing smack talk about Jennifer Aniston’s weirdly shaped vagina (speculation).

Jennifer Aniston’s Weirdly Shaped Vagina will always have a special place in my heart, and I actually do still enjoy writing weird shit on the internet as part of a hobby – but the craving for constant content that is required to survive in the new world of digital media is too intensive for me to be able to keep up with on a daily basis, and as such – I’ll be taking a little time to figure out what to do with this here site, and moving forward accordingly.

What this likely means is;

LA Deli will transform into a smaller version of itself, likely with a new name. There wont be daily updates, so it’ll hopefully be a site you save in your back pocket to whip out once in a while when you are stuck in an airport and want someone over your shoulder to judge you for looking at Mariah Carey videos.

Right now, our traffic is through the floor because we’ve been offline for so long, so being attached to the domain we currently hold doesn’t make a huge deal of sense.

We will update you with our new urls very soon.

Thanks for sticking with us through the years,

Much love

Deli Llama

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