Your teenage years in a single picture.

Remember when Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton were still being plied like rubber by record labels when record labels still mattered and iTunes was a distant pipedream? Remember when there wasn’t a UPN (!) teen drama that wouldn’t be set to “Goodbye To You” or a mobile phone advert that wouldn’t play “A Thousand Miles”? And everyone always thought they were the same person? You probably also texted on your Nokia and thought doc martins were kind of cool.

Well remember all over again, because at the BMI Pop Awards these tricks met up and took a picture together – posting on Instagram with the subtitle my sister from another life.” YASSSS!!!!


Where are they now?

Since their commercial peaks of the early 2000’s, Michelle Branch went on to release another two relatively successful albums; one herself and another as part of country duo The Wreckers. She has appeared to have become victim to the label machine, with an indefinitely delayed album and poor promotion.  Her sound is a lot more country than it used to be, and she did a car advert with Timbaland. Branch has a kid named Owen Isabelle and is married to a musician.

Vanessa Carlton had less commercial success since but has turned into somewhat of a musical adventurer. Her second album performed weakly but was part of an MTV boycott after she talked about an orgasm in “White Houses” – aka that song that all college roommates for about 2 months played relentlessly. Since then her sound evolved and is more experimental alt-pop, garnering significant acclaim but with low commercial impact.

Her royalties from A Thousand Miles will probably last her a lifetime, though. In addition she married the lead singer from Deer Tick last year, presided over by her mentor and bestie Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac.

So both women leading pretty successful, well rounded existences out of the spotlight. Please come back and take Katy Purry and Lady GahhhhhGahhhhh instead, as we are DONE with them now.

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