Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video is the best video of her career.

New overlord Taylor Swift has been busy amassing kittens and selling shit-tonnes of CD’s lately, but not too busy to film a music video for her new 30th single from “1989” titled “Blank Space”.

In the video, Taylor Swift parodies Taylor Swift by acting exactly like Taylor Swift does. Taylor is like “OMG GUYS it’s so funny you think i behave like this! hahahah, like, whatever. I definitely don’t! HAHAHA. No but really. I don’t.

The modern love story we see is a video representation of dating whilst on Tinder. Taylor goes for it hard by doing her best version of Alex Forrest. We are missing some creepy effigies hanging upside down, but she does a pretty good job of portraying “Crazy, needy, psycho girlfriend” because that’s exactly what Taylor Swift is.  Either way, Taylor Swift should pretty much wear this crazy diva wearing leopard skin dresses all the time now because it’s working for me in a big way. Seeing a chick in leopard print always does it for me, because you know those tears are due to a broken condom.


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