Princess Buttercup of the Forest is really one of us.

Princess Buttercup of the Forest is really one of us.

Princess Buttercup of the Forest aka Taylor Swift has long been known for her extremely questionable taste in male genital touching partners because when your head is literally filled with Princess Sofia songs and Twilight books then you don’t really have much of a radar from when a peen is just looking for a poon to be its glove.

So anyway, in between Taylor looking at every dark haired penis who tells her she’s really pretty as her knight in shining armour – she managed to find time to surprise us all. Taylor and he new BFF Selena Gomez are apparently no longer friends because she knows that Justin Bieber is a pimple on humanity’s arse crack that no matter how hard we try to burn off with salicylic acid we can’t purge.

After her stint in rehab obviously did her no good, Selena is back bumping her ugly parts against Justin’s surely uglier parts and Tay Tay stopped bathing herself in the millions of dollars her lovescorned music is making her for a second to tell her friend that frankly my dear, she can fuck off because anyone rubbing their cooch against a bieber bit is no friend of hers.

Taylor Swift hates Justin Bieber

So in addition to Tay Tay now being back in the worlds good books we can also safely say thank you to Tay for summing up the world’s general feelings towards Justin Bieber in one GIF.


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