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Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress 0

Angelina and Brad sold their wedding pictures.

Remember how I wrote about how Angelina and Brad didn’t bother shilling out their special private moment to magazines for lots and lots of money, because Angelina and Brad are too rich and too in love┬áto use┬átheir special relationship for cash and publicity? Well, I...

Reasons to never have a gay best man 0

Reasons to never have a gay best man

There are a lot of reasons to have a gay best man at your wedding. The florals will be IMPECCABLE. The colours will either be tasteful or playfully in-line with whatever Nicki Minaj nightmare your wedding is going to be. Catering will be totally on...


The Spurses did gone have a wedding y’all

If you woke up two days ago smelling the scent of deep fried chicken and cheese and couldn’t see a KFC bucket anywhere in sight, then you were just smelling the global meltdown of frying the fuck out of everything known as Jamie Spears’ catering...