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Terrence Howard is the flavour of no-ones month

Terrence  Howard is well known for being an ego as fun to be around as eighteen hours of gently hammering your dick off; so I guess it’s no surprise that his ‘Empire‘ co-star Taraji P Henson looks like she’d rather burn her face in a vat of acid than ever be kissed by Terrence Howard again. What essentially occurred here was the dramatic recreation of an awkward “ONLY THE MAN TALKS” conversation between a woman in a potentially abusive marriage to her asshole husband that everyone hates. Terrence and Taraji are such talented thespians they created their own ad-hoc dramatic performance on the Emmy stage. I hope Terrence brought some baby wipes because Taraji is in need of some as well as an Emmy of her own for her “Bitch did not just” face.  
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