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EW Made the Mean Girls 10 Year Reunion a thing

If you’re a gay man, a girl, or a particularly sassy boyfriend of a certain age – then all of your hopes and dreams have come true! For it’s tenth anniversary (!!), Entertainment Weekly brought back Ms Norbury, Cady Heron, Regina George, Karen Smith and the most important character of all time – Gretchen Weiners. They did a fancy photoshoot in which you will always wonder if they were all in the same room together, given that every single one* of the actresses in this picture are now busy and successful A-listers.   *Except from the two on the left. They are pretttty quiet. In the issue, Amanda Seyfried  – who now can ask for almost $8 Million a picture – talks about how she was really pretty nervous about the whole thing and she and Lacey Chabert got together to, uhm, listen to Dido. I had just graduated high school! It was terrifying. I don’t know what I would have done without Lacey Chabert. She was my angel. She took me in, and we’d hang out in her trailer and listen to Dido. Rachel McAdams – who can now ask for more than $5 Million a picture – acted like she was too famous now to remember the role that launched her. I was staying at a bed-and-breakfast recently in the-middle-of-nowhere Ireland. And one of the owners’ granddaughters came up to me, and she gave me a piece of pink paper and she goes, “Can you write down just a few of your favorite Mean Girls quotes?” It was so sweet. I couldn’t think of any of them! It’s been 10 years! So I said, “Well, what are your favorites?” So she literally fed me all these lines, like “Is butter a carb?” Tina Fey – who can ask for $300,000 an...
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Amanda Bynes’ parents are outie.

So when you have a troubled daughter like Amanda Bynes things can get sort of difficult. Especially when your daughter is taking to twitter and accusing you of using her for money and, you know, categoric childhood sexual abuse – then saying that a microchip in her brain made her lie about that stuff. The point is, Amanda Bynes’ picture is right next to the word “Troubled” in the dictionary right now and her parents, Rick and Lynn, have had enough. TMZ says they are handing over conservatorship of Amanda’s day to day to a mental healthcare professional and her money stuffs to a financial manager.  They’ve had it with all of the drama around their daughter and they are literally selling up and moving to Texas to be near their other daughter. Presumably this is because Rick and Lynn Bynes are pretty old and are fucking DEFINITELY too old to be dealing with daily accusations of abuse from their mentally ill daughter. In icky situations like this it’s easy to accuse those hos of abandoning Amanda during her hour of need, but the truth is when you’re dealing with someone as far gone as she is, sometimes anything you do, even your presence, can make shit a lot worse. It’s amazing to me that Amanda Bynes is somehow not in a mental health unit somewhere right now. How that has come to pass is a failure of the law and public health service. Girl is definitively a danger to herself and others and shit needs to get sorted out. Of course since Amanda Bynes is on a worrying downward spiral, former castmates have come out to talk about how they saw it coming. Former castmate from “All That” Chelsea Brummet told super reliable and totally trustworthy media source RadarOnline that Amanda was...
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Here’s Lindsay Lohan looking the picture of sobriety

Nothing says “sober clean-living recovering party girl” like getting your tits out and looking like you’ve injected a states-worth of crack into your veins next to a random dude in your hotel room. And so goes the story of Lindsay Lohan, Queen of the Flopback. Lindsay landed in Cannes recently to promote a movie that isn’t even being made yet called Inconceivable. In case you don’t remember some dumb bitch producer decided to cast Lindsay in the movie essentially because it needed someone famous to get it even made. What those ho’s forgot is that casting Lindsay in a movie costs you Cameron Diaz’s salary alone in insurance costs because surprise surprise, the people who actually have money aren’t all that comfortable with a lead actress who may at any stage steal, smoke or smash up anything she see’s in a fifteen metre radius. Lindsay has also recently been accused by Radar Online of being into MDMA and Ecstacy.  If the Holy Oprah can’t save Lindsay Lohan then the only person who can is the master artist who made Nicole Kidman’s new face out of rubber and silica.    
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I’m beginning to notice a pattern here.

Since no-one with an insurance policy worth a shit can/will/should employ Lindsay Lohan in one of their movies, the only way that Orange is the new Crack can get into a movie these days is by literally stalking the shit out of producers and directors until they say yes. Lindsay harassed her way into Samantha Ronson’s clam shell. Then she harassed her way onto the dick of the convict looking one from The Wanted and as Lilo is not one so miss a trick, so after essentially forcing the producers to cast her as Liz Taylor and creating a thousand lifetime movie drinking games in the process, she’s now tracking down essentially any rich or jewish looking men in suits to fund her movies. At Sundance, Lindsay turned up (late) to announce that she’s now in a new movie that hasn’t been made yet, but she wants someone to direct plz. As per usual, Lindsay “fell in love with the script”. I feel like if Lindsay Lohan thought a show about her reading a newspaper for 25 minutes would be broadcast, she’d “fall in love with the script”. And to follow up her love for all things on pieces of paper with the word “script” in the header,  La Lohan added….  “I contacted Randall, and kind of harassed him to make it happen. But it’s just a really interesting story. It’s a psychological thriller about a woman who’s kind of on a journey to reclaim something that was lost of hers. And it gets a bit dark, but it’s a really interesting twist, and it’s something that I’m really looking forward to doing sooner rather than later.”” I’m sure that the highest calibre writers in the genre today are rushing to provide the next Se7en for Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay must be real...
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Liveblog: Liz & Dick – Watch With Michael.

Liz and Dick Here we are. The moment I’ve been waiting for for at least two minutes. It’s taken this movie a long, long time to cross the pond from it’s initial US debut, and I can only assume that is in order to whip desperate UK TV audiences into an even greater frenzy as Lindsay Lohan’s star keeps rising. Or maybe it’s because lifetime were fairly certain a seventeeth repeat of Toddlers and Tiaras would rate better. Who knows. Anyway, join me in this illustrious journey as together, with a bottle of wine, as we battle through….Liz and Dick. 21:00 So the title sequence is pretty classy. Lots of Serif fonts. My wine glass is empty though, and I dont think that’s a good way to start the evenings proceedings. Thank god for Sky+. BRB. Topping up glass. 21:07 Shit. Im back you guys, and the wine is all gone. I found a miller instead, I guess since this is a Lifetime movie Miller is an acceptable accompanying beverage. Whatever, all I know is that if im not drunk by the end It’s a problem. Oh god. Grant Bowler’s accent and everything is perfect already. And by perfect I mean the opposite of what I am saying.  21:12 Lilo is here at last and her lips look like should have had a third billing. 21:14 They’ve opted to do a black floating heads actor studio interlude thing and it involves Lindsay Lohan smoking a lot with a terrible english accent. Which is pretty much i’d imagine a standard day for Lindsay Lohan. 21:15 They’re in Rome. We know it’s rome from a singular aerial stock shot of Rome. No bad greenscreen yet. 21:18 Lindsay Lohan sounds like shes in the parent trap. Except shes not, and that makes me...
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Noah & Allie hated each other on the Notebook set.

Rachel McAdams is giving interviews because she’s got a new movie coming out and girl gotta hollah for a dollah child. Rachel followed the typical tried and tested PR approved answers of interviews including saying shit like “I never wanted to be a movie star.”  as if getting into film acting is some happy accident and that the people in pursuit of the career are vapid and hollow, not like REAL movie stars. Rachel went on to tick the box of insisting she’s like, really talented you guys, and can play a bad bitch too and cited Regina George to remind you she was in Mean Girls, thankyouverymuch. Then just before you were about to order a box of YAWNS from your local chinese to finish reading her interview, she whacked out this bad boy She has no qualms about bursting a few bubbles when it comes to the mechanics of her famous celluloid romances. In The Notebook, it turns out, she wasn’t exactly enamoured of her on-camera lover, Ryan Gosling. “We weren’t throwing Ming vases at each other, so it wasn’t loathing, but our relationship was not what you saw on the screen,” she says, carefully. “I would say that we were both, well, professional.” She admits that she was more surprised than anyone when she eventually started dating Gosling, two years after the film was made. “It certainly wasn’t something that either of us had expected would come out of that filmmaking experience,” she says, giggling. “Which goes to show you that you can engineer chemistry on screen just by telling the audience that these two people love each other. And, unless your actors are doing a really terrible job, I think people will want to see that. As an actor you don’t have to feel it. You...
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