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Warm up those Best Actress, Best Picture and Best Wig Oscars

So this year’s Oscar race is already over before it started. Super talented actress, talented actress, actress, singer, human person Jennifer Lopez is the Matthew McConaughey of the year. No she didn’t lose 100 pounds, no she didn’t do any method acting shit, and no, she didn’t put on...


Let us not forget the true #1 star Jennifer

So whilst we are all salivating over every fart, fall and queef Jennifer Lawrence shares with us because she’s just like us (Okay I do love J.Law so I’m falling for that shit too) I would like to remind the general public that a Jennifer...

J.Lo is a feminist icon who keeps it real. 1

J.Lo is a feminist icon who keeps it real.

Because it wouldn’t be a Jennifer Lopez music video without a megaphone screaming at you that she definitely and categorically keeps it ‘real’, the video for her new song “I Love Your Puppy” aka “I Luh Ya PaPi” (title was not written by a dyslexic teenager?)...