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Taylor Swift Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez 0

Princess Buttercup of the Forest is really one of us.

Princess Buttercup of the Forest aka Taylor Swift has long been known for her extremely questionable taste in male genital touching partners because when your head is literally filled with Princess Sofia songs and Twilight books then you don’t really have much of a radar from...

Revenge, Season 3 0

Revenge, Episode 13: Hatred

evenge, Season 3 to date has been consistently a step up from it’s all-over-the-map second season, but suddenly it looks like the clear mission to right the wrongs of it becoming a budget version of Batman is starting to slip off the rails. The entire...

Anne Hathaway murdered ten puppies. 1

Anne Hathaway murdered ten puppies.

Anne Hathaway is facing huge public backlash after she murdered ten adorable puppies backstage at the 2013 Academy Awards, reasonable understanding of public reaction shows The actress, who was on a winning streak of turning up to absolutely everything dressed correctly, winning awards and also...