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Jennifer Aniston says we need to GET OVER IT.

Jennifer Aniston is really busy right now you guys.   She took a break from her hectic schedule of not winning awards and not being nominated for awards to tell her embryonic mother known as the media that she’s totally 100% not mad at Angelina Jolie. As...

Cheryl and Nadine 1

Cheryl Fernando-Chiquitita thinks Nuhdeen Coyle is full of shit.

Incase you haven’t heard, Cheryl Fernando-Chiquitita has recently set a new record as the British female with the most British #1 singles. In a terrifying harbinger signaling the assured end of our species, Cheryl has managed to accumulate 5 solo number ones in her career. This is especially...


Well Played, Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and her legendary shading of Gwyneth Paltrow continues this month in glorious fashion. Incase you had any doubb that Martha is a shady bitch queen who is basically the Anna Wintour of delicious home baked goods and white cotton throws, then take a...