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Hungry Fergie 0

Hungry Fergie is here to slay. Time to let her.

Fergie just surprise dropped her music video for new song ‘Hungry‘ with Rick Ross and it’s kind of awesome. Fergie and Rick Ross bring a fierce rap across epic gospel choir loops and trap beats – it’s sparse but loaded all at once. ‘Hungry‘ sounds...


Fergie, Duchess of Pee slays at American Music Awards

So the Kinder Delight version of the Grammy’s happened this week and we were subjected to warm up performances from the likes of Taylor Swift playing “Crazy Girlfriend, Taylor Swift” in a performance with vocals so shaky that I honestly thought they were having an...


Fergie likes to french kiss her son

Fuggie Fug is an LA-Deli icon, saint and legend. For those of you who don’t remember, Fergie peed herself on stage one time . Fergie also once announced that she stopped taking meth because after talking to a clothes hamper for 8 hours, she realized...