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Bridesmaids about to topple “Knocked Up” at Box Office

The surprise smash of the summer has already arrived and it was Bridesmaids with it’s ensemble female cast lead by Kristen Wiig further proving that actually, 51% of the worlds population actually do have money to spend. Since overperforming in it’s opening frame with $26.2 Million – exceptional for an R-Rated comedy with no proven starpower behind it – the movie has continued to hold better than any comedy in recent years. Infact the movie has held so strong that weekend after weekend it’s been handing all other Judd Apatow comedies their asses on a platter. At some stage in the coming five days it will cross the $150,000,000 mark and become the top grossing Judd Apatow produced comedy ever – outgrossing that Katherine Heigl attrocity. Not only that, but the film is heading towards the top 20 live-action comedies ever. Pretty impressive given its strong R-Rating. 
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