Squints is all growed up.

I have no idea what the hell happened to Taylor Swift’s guitar, but she dropped it in a lake somewhere this weekend to try her very best at being Britney Spears for this years AMAs. I have to say, i did not hate it.

Taylor’s performance felt like a Backstreet Boys music video from the late 90s and I think at this stage everyone was just glad it wasn’t Nicki Minaj live again or another performance of Rihanna strutting up and down a stage. She even got down on the ground and did things on the floor that made you feel dirty because in everyone’s minds shes still like 16.

Whatever the Hell a Nicki Minaj Is and Justin Bieber served us up some shaky-ass-vocals and some Chris Hansen flavors of wrong as the Beebz tried to dry hump up upon whatever the hell that Minaj is to their broke ass collaboration which is basically the new pinnacle of musical bankruptcy. A plastic doll and another plastic doll drag the name of your favourite Disney classic through the mud.

Britney Spears wasn’t in attendance, but id imagine her reaction to the above performance would have looked a little something like this

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