Song of the Month: Willows by Vanessa Carlton

Because Vanessa Carlton isn’t just a fun reference to White Chicks, we bring you Willows –  the first proper single from her upcoming LP which hits later in October.

Vanessa Carlton liberman

The album is called Liberman and it’s essentially a reflection that Vanessa Carlton has fully transitioned into a legitimately ‘serious artist’, a term which effectively means that music snobs acknowledge her existence now.

In all fairness to her, Carlton has always been vastly under-rated at each stage of her career, struggling against the small (but problematic) public perception-issue of the monster hit which started it all. But unlike her peers from the era of her meteoric rise, she’s successfully carved out a reputation as a risk-taker and experimenter on the fringes.

Willows is a sweeping, stripped down track accompanied by an earthy lyric video that pretty much seals the deal on ethos she’s going for an as artist – authentic, handcrafted, dreamy.

Liberman is shaping up to be one of the year’s best albums already, given the exceptional and consistently increasing quality of her previous efforts (let’s turn a blind eye to this though).   Her last LP, Rabbits on the Run was a startling – and necessary – change of tempo and aural language for Carlton, who’s voice has matured along with her soundscape.

She’s already released an EP with live versions of some of the tracks from the upcoming record including “Nothing where Something Used to Be” – a song so emotionally hefty it bloody deserves to become a huge breakup classic in the future. Be warned: those going through a rough breakup may wanna not click play.

Liberman is available in the US and Canada on the 23rd of October, but there’s no official word on international release at this stage. Carlton seems pretty happy grooving in indie status these days, and who can blame her – with this kind of creative freedom, we’d be happy too.

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