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Subscribe to us on YouTube.

So I kind of forgot the site¬†had a YouTube page until I went on yesterday and discovered it’s had almost 900,000 views. That’s a lot of replays of shitty moments from The Only Way is Essex.¬†Anyway, as part of the site strategy (also known as...

Short Break 0

Short Break

So I’m going on my first vacation in seven years tomorrow. I keep telling people that, and I feel like it must be a lie, but It could actually be the tragic truth that is my pathetic, overworked life. As such LA Deli will be...

Getluv and Deli Llama 0

Welcoming back Getluv.

Any of those who were with us during the dark days of 2005 will remember that it was not just the appalling writing of Deli Llama that kept you coming back for more, it was also the terrible writing of Getluv now known as Deli...