Throwback Post: Shawnna’s Damn was seriously awesome.

Things that will make me feel forever old: It’s been almost seven years since Shawnna became the angelic ray of glimmering elegance and what definitely TO DO in your music videos. Shawnna kept it definitively real, and much more real than J.Lo could ever with “Damn” the most supes amazing  usage of hot-topic bananas to give us all shades of Pirate Chic.

Shawnna is a beautiful wordsmith and a Shakespeare of our time, as evidenced from the emotional and deeply introspective lyrics to “Damn”, the story about a girl who’s standing in front of a boy asking him to shag her.

Damn damn she got a donkey
And that shit so chunky
How she get them jeans on that monkey
Like man got me like a junky
Only when she pump me
Whisper in my ear I think she want it

Such elegance and demure grace. Never forget Shawnna, Never. Forget.

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