Shakira is the QWEEN OF FACEBOOK

Shakira is the QWEEN OF FACEBOOK

You may be surprised to learn that whilst Justin Bieber is the King of Douchebags and Taylor Swift may be the Queen of Fairtyale Forests it is in-fact Shakira who is the most liked person on Facebook.

Shakira just passed 100 Million likes on Facebook, which means over 100 million people clicked a button next to Shakira’s name admitting that they have fapped whilst watching “Whenever, Wherever” on mute.

Shakira is now not only the most popular goat on Facebook, but she is the most popular goat in the world, as only Facebook itself has more likes than Shakira on the social network. Accordingly, Facebook dedicated a video to Shakira as Mark Zuckerberg ordered an immediate market research report on how Facebook can purchase Shakira.

Shakira should probably take this as a sign to set up Goatbook as there are obviously 100 million Latin American goats who are hungry to praise their idol with statements such as

“Shak dear i love u from the core of my heart missing u sweet heart plzzz be mine forever and since i am very glad among one of 1 in the 100,000,000 once again love u dear”

Shakira is the Qween of the Goats and your faves could never. Except maybe Rihanna, that bitch also sounds like a goat and she got nearly 90 Million likes already.


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