Sam Bailey felt like a Pussycat Doll

It’s been a long time since Nicole Scherzinger had raised her cruel bitch-slapping vocals to beat one of the Pussycat Dolls back down to the level she kept them at, so no surprises that during the finale of X-Factor this year Nicole cracked her larynx and, keeping it classy, tried to outsing the winner Sam Bailey.

Sam told STV 

“On the last note, [Scherzinger] was supposed to do a bit, me do a bit and then we do it together. I was waiting for my bit, and I was waiting and waiting… Nicole just held on to the note.

Everyone was saying she totally overpowered it and stole my thunder. I hear what they’re saying, but I’d just won so I didn’t care.”

Somewhere,by a fireplace in the Shire, Melody Thorton is about to hand the ring to Sam Bailey so that she can hope to end the darkness that overpowered Melody for once and for all.

Only Nicole Scherzinger would so shamelessly steal a note from a nobody trying to make it big in order to impress the viewing public. Just in case you wondered what that vocal clusterfuck sounded like – the video is above. L

If a show setlist reads ‘Ft Nicole Scherzinger’ at any point you can set your watch to the exact time when Nicole tries to steal the spotlight (Spoiler Alert: it happens around the 0:00 mark)

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