Presenting: The sliding King Charles spaniel in the “Age of Adaline” trailer

Blake Lively jumped on the right dicks in Hollywood, that much is true, because Blake was cast in the MUCH COVETED role of Adaline in the movie “Age of Adaline” which was a top secret project for some/whatever reason.

Well it’s not a secret any more because the hos at Lionsgate decided to ship the “Adaline” trailer with “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One – The bit where Katniss sits underground for a lot of the time and looks really sad”  because The Hunger Games 3 is going to sex a lot of eyeballs this weekend.

Blake managed to beat out Katherine Hagel who got fired from this shit so we can at least be thankful that we wont have to watch Hagel massacre another movie.

The trailer features Blake Lively as an ageless beauty (!) who makes hos suspicious because she’s got a broken ageing switch . Blake can NEVER LOVE because everyone around her dies (she’s like the human version of The Ring) and despite Hollywood having basically already done this with The Time Travellers Wife, they are never one to let a relatively blah idea go without giving a good second shake.

The best thing about the Age of Adaline trailer is around 1 Minute 36 when this little bad boy comes along


YASS! The sliding King Charles Spaniel steals the show! That bitch has better hair than Blake, is more lively than Blake, and moves more convincingly than Blake. That Spaniel is probably giggling in it’s trailer whilst reading and doing blow from the tits of a Poodle. Blake Lively could NEVER and should give up.

Age of Adaline shall henceforth be known as Age of Spanieline.

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