Partner Post: Made In Chelsea recap 0

Partner Post: Made In Chelsea recap

Since Drews Drawls remains the best place to read up about those twats from Made in Chelsea, don’t forget to check in on his latest update.


Warm up those Best Actress, Best Picture and Best Wig Oscars

So this year’s Oscar race is already over before it started. Super talented actress, talented actress, actress, singer, human person Jennifer Lopez is the Matthew McConaughey of the year. No she didn’t lose 100 pounds, no she didn’t do any method acting shit, and no, she didn’t put on...


Strictly Come Dancing trumps X-Factor in ratings battle 2014

  Because old people are 80% more likely to have literally nothing else to do on a Saturday and Sunday night, Strictly Come Dancing continued its winning streak of beating out X-Factor as the competitive talent show of choice this weekend when it returned. Strictly...


Kate is pregnant with another ROYAL HEIR

When Angelina has a film coming out, she does a junket. When Rihanna has an album coming out, she does the VMAs. When Tina Fey has a new show starting, she goes on Letterman. Because Kate the Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t have any of those...

Joan Rivers has died 0

Joan Rivers has died

Comedian and legend Joan Rivers has died aged 81 after a surgery NBC News Reports. Joan had been on life support after a procedure on her vocal chords sent her into cardiac arrest. Earlier this week she moved to a private room out of ICU....

Christine Bleakley with Holly Willoughby 0

Christine Bleakley is “Still a thing we are trying to make happen” – ITV

ITV have revealed that person who still exists Christine Bleakley is set to provide maternity cover on This Morning for eternally pregnant Holly Willoughby as she continues to build an army of middle-class children. The move represents ITV’s renewed commitment to forcing people you probably don’t mind very...