Never invite Lea Michele to your birthday.

One of my favourite things about red carpets is that you can usually find videos of celebrities posing like they have Serial Pout Syndrome on the red carpet. Stunt queen legs, arm on hip posturing, duck lips, all of it is like a like a gift from the hilarious “BITCH YOU DON’T USUALLY LOOK LIKE THAT” catalogue of Real-Life Instagram filters.

So you can imagine my joy when I discovered this video of Lea Michele on Dlisted. Please take a moment out of your hectic life to sit and watch Lea Michele “Look Gorgeous”, and by “Look Gorgeous” I mean literally embarrass the hell out of herself by turning up to the première for the new season of American Horror Story and proceeding to give FACE, LEG, FACE, ARM, LEG, FACE for a solid 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

I’m not sure what I love most about this clip. It could be that Lea Michele’s pout looks like the face I make when I take a shit (as observed in a mirror one time in a really uncomfortable bathroom situation), or it could be the moment when she ushers the PEONS out of her limelight (read: The rest of the cast of GLEE who posed together like regular human beings) or perhaps it was the fact she did all this at the première for a show that has nothing to do with her.

On that note actually, the finest moment would have to be around the one minute mark when Jessica Lange let’s Lea know what she feels about some basic Glee bitch turning up to her premiere and trying to steal away the limelight, in that she waltzes straight through the shot without so much of a “Whos Dis?”. I’m pretty sure Jessica Lange thinks Lea Michelle is one of the tiny people extras hired for the Freak Show season.

Just so you know, Jessica actually didn’t pause to pose for pictures, because she’s Jessica Lange. But heres another video of famous people embarrassingly posturing so that you dont think they are ugly when you read Star magazine this week.

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