Naomi Campbell keeps it shady for Kim Kardashian

If Kim Kardashian is feeling a cool breeze on her wax mannequin skin and freezer block face today, it’s probably the solar eclipse of shade that’s been cast on her by Empress of Shade Naomi Campbell who took a break from terrorizing people on the set of her tv show to show that once a cunt empress, always a cunt empress!

What i love about Empress of Shade is that she clearly cracks her own batty ass up. When she says “no comment” that bitch KNOWS the volume of shade she’s throwing and laughs hysterically at her own cuntery.

In her own head shes high fiving herself for being HILARIOUSLY evil, whilst throwing blackberries at anyone who isn’t herself.

Naomi then said shes a FAHHHSHUN MODEL and she worked for YEARS!!!! to make the cover of Vogue so she has nothing to say about the commoner muck likes of Kim K and her Robot Puppeteer making the cover.

When the host of the Aussie show surmised that basically Naomi was implying that Cottage Cheese and Gay Fish hadn’t earned their right to that messy cover (as if it was akin to earning your PHD)  Naomi treated us to  a dessert course of shade with a little umbrella on top when she said “Those are your words, im being politically correct”, which would make a change from the time when she took all those blood diamonds.

Bravo Naomi, your cuntery is so legendary that I eagerly await Naomi: Blood Diamond  on that west end stage. A spectacular musical with numbers including “Don’t you know who I am?”, “Blackberry Blitz”, “Imnothereforthat” and “Tyra, who dat bitch?”

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