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Bryan Singer accused of sexual abuse

So in ‘News I’d rather avoid with a ten foot barge pole so I’m going to leave it to someone else’ news, Hollywood director and mogul Bryan Singer has been accused of raping and sexually abusing a then-minor as part of a Hollywood drug and sex...

Frozen 0

Frozen is now the top animated movie ever

And it’s all thanks to Adele Dazim! This weekend ‘Frozen’ made history having passed ‘Toy Story 3′ as the biggest grossing animated film of all time worldwide, having now thawed out (pun!) over $1.072 Billion worldwide. The ice-hot (slightly shittier pun!) smash has also entered the all...


Jennifer Garner’s awful career choices continue.

Jennifer Garner’s latest movie is called “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” but Disney should think of re-titling it “We’ll settle for 13 Million Total Box Office. Shouldn’t this be a TV Movie?”. See the trailer if you don’t believe me. Oh Jen, How did we...