Monica Lewinsky gave a big ass speech about everything.

Monica Lewinksy hasn’t been seen for a while because Monica Lewinksy turns out to have FAILED at the class of gold-digging, fame-whooring and shameless Olivia Pope game. Also, that whole confidentiality order thing.

Monica decided to break her media silence at the Forbes Under 30 Summit and even though she read her speech like she was narrating an episode of Desperate Housewives, girl had some good shit to say – namely about how people at the worst and the internet ruins everything. Monica basically name called LA Deli and asked me how I can sleep at night. The answer is a lot of wine, Monica.

Monica also highlighted that America is a crazy fuckin place and her whole family were basically turned against each other and threatened with jail for life just because she blew the president.

It turns out Monica Lewinsky is a surprisingly classy act. Girl has some backbone and I high five her for blowing the president and overcoming Clinton dickmitzation

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