Mariah Carey’s photoshoots are expensive.

Mariah Carey’s photoshoots are expensive.

This just in – the digital, lighting and styling mastery and Harry Potter level of special effects that it takes to turn Mariah Carey from whatever current form she is to a twig version of Beyonce  is about as expensive as you might imagine.

Mariah is being slapped with a lawsuit (via her label) in which a pissed off photographer claimed the label engaged him to shoot the new Mimi album cover and so he hired in a thousand unicorns, fifty trillion orange and pink butterflies, bought a chandalier the size of a house and rented all of Miami for a week and then those tricks cancelled at the last minute with no reason.  Rude!

According to TMZ the photographer broke down the costs for a Mimi shoot as follows

Stylist — $65,391
Hair stylist — $9,600
Makeup artist — $7,200
Manicurist — $2,400
Photographer Fee — $150,000
Vaseline for the lense – $8

It’s frankly disappointing that the photographer didn’t tell the truth about where that $150,000 fee is going –  a warehouse in Taipei where 140 digital designers work day and night for three weeks in order to create the wax mannequin version of a human person we see every few years in front of the words “Mariah Carey” on Target  and ASDA shelves.

I personally think Mimi should file for a divorce from Photoshop for a while and instead have her next album cover raw and real, and most importantly, honest.

MimialbumBut then we all know that Photoshop has developed Stockholm syndrome for all the years of captivity and abuse Mariah Carey has subjected it to. That bitch will never quit Mimi


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