Mimi the elusive gambler.

As of late The Empress of Butterflies, Queen of Pink Latex, Dame of High-Heel cross training and master of diva shit MooMi has had critics (ie me) out for her after her voice has appeared shaky as fuck at concerts, tv performances, and anything really.

It looks like we weren’t the only assholes out for poor Moomi’s jugular, because her backing singers even put a bet on that bitch couldn’t hit a note if she tried anymore, and well if there’s any incentive for Moomi to hit a note, it’s the idea of sweet cold hard cash.

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Moomz hit that note so hard she probably shit herself a little bit, but bitch didnt care cause that note was the sound of her backing singer’s pride dropping into her hand along with some measly toilet paper she will probably use later to wipe her jack russell’s ass.

Also of note: Mimi still thinking she’s the human form of Jessica Rabbit as she smacks her other backing singer’s hand away (I’m not here to make friends!) and get’s dat money.

If Mimi hadn’t become a singer, she would have made a grade a gold-digger and I have to respect that.

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