Lauren Goodger is clearly the new Queen of Fashion

Somewhere in a palace in England, Kate Middleton just dropped her £50,000 tea cup, and as it tumbled to the floor in slow motion, tea wildly spilling like a tornado, Kate looked  out of the window – for her fashion tiara had just been SNATCHED in a land far, far away.

That land is called Brentwood, Essex – where a new icon of couture, designer dream and darling of Milan walked down the gilded streets tread by so few fashion icons before her (read:trendsetter) in a creation so exquisite that Anna Wintour herself is currently speed-dialling everyone she knows to track down the HAD TO HAVE IT look of the season.


After you take a nap to lie down from the exhaustive amounts of extraordinary fashion forwardness happening here let me introduce you to England’s Lauren Conrad, known as Lauren Goodger from The Only Way Is Essex.

Whilst Lauren Goodger might not have worked at Teen Vogue, the only reason she didn’t is because she knew an internship would have been a wasteful squander of  her ability to mix materials whilst also sometimes saying “Hey materials, who even needs you anyway?”


Lauren’s glossy and clearly natural hair isnt the only thing natural about her, she also boasts her own skin and eyes.

Her look can best be described as a post-modern throwback to classic movie “Pretty Woman”, integrating both the racy styles and classic textures of that films design with the Golden Globe awards it eventually won.


The designers of the outfit, Jodie Marsh and a Blind Ferrett, could not be reached for comment – but both are known to be extremely private about their creations.

Expect to see this as a key look on runways next fall.

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