Kim Kardashian’s naked ass is here to remind you of her roots.

Kim Kardashian’s naked ass is here to remind you of her roots.

What with all the snubbing of lesser celebs, and flaunting her ass around Europe in couture dresses made for smaller women that Kanye told her to wear anyway, it’s easy to forget that Kim Kardashian started out with a terrible sex tape and then formed a solid, multi-million dollar career by taking her clothes off and looking like a ho 24/7.

So thanks to Kim and Paper Magazine for teaming up to produce a December issue that should have a musical accompaniment in the form of “Always Something There to Remind Me” because Kim is always out to remind you why she’s famous – because she’s a fancy porn star!

The first image is an “homage” to a Jean-Paul Goude photo  in which Kim takes an ass prosthetic, shoves it on her already ridiculous behind and then mounts a champagne glass on it. I mean the champagne immediately turns into acid when it comes in contact with Kim’s ass but as long as it’s in the glass it’s safe.

The second image is Kim doing what Kim does best, and by that I mean getting nekkid, oiling her four post-code arse the fuck up, and looking like total trash. One minute shes a fairytale princess and the next minute she’s a broke ass stripper, that Kim, so versatile!

To see the second NSFW full ass cover click the jump.


Kim’s ass is extra special because you can tell Paris Hilton was not lying about the cottage cheese of it all that has been airbrushed away. Kim naked is sort of like a Picasso because shit does not look like it belongs together in the same person.

Just off camera when these pictures were taken was Kris Jenner cackling into stacks of money from PAPER magazine, a magazine i’d literally never fucking heard of until Kim Kardashian got her ass out on the cover, so bravo PAPER, you spent your entire annual budget and you’ll be going out of business next month, but at least you sold a few of your December issue!

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