Kim Kardashian uses Marine Corps Ball as a publicity stunt

Kim Kardashian is the absolute #1 in A-Game fame whoring. If you told Kim she’d make $30 from selling a range of bottled piss, she’d do it! (and she did!) If you told Kim that she’d be able to get more famous by dating a gay rapper, she’d do it! (and she is!) and if you told Kim that she could play with the heart of an American hero to get a few column inches, she’d do it (And you know where this is going)

Popbytes reports that Kim managed to fit her disgusting sausage ass into the above dress to attend the Marine Corps Ball by invitation in much the same way as everyone famous who has a decent heart already did.

Kim naturally only stayed until the photos were all basically taken and then she told Sergeant Martin that the publicity was fun and they should do it again sometime if he’s ever in a life-threatening situation that puts her in absolutely no harm, but in which she can save his life.

Martin was totally stoked that Kim even showed up, which is pretty sad. Martin is saving the lives of thousands and he wants his date to a ball to be a walking human suppository? Shit Martin, you are better than this! If you wanted Kim Kardashian to attend your ball, why not just get a few sacks of trash, stuff them into some spanx, spray some toilet water on it and throw a MAC counter at it. Get a hooker to rub her genitals all over it, sit an Iphone ontop and download the Baby Speak app and you’ll be good to go. 

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