Katherine Heigl doesn’t think she’s difficult.

Against all the odds and a sea of thrown blackberries, Katherine Heigl is currently on television starring in the budget bastard lovechild of Homeland and Scandal called “State of Affairs”.

Accordingly, Katherine has been taking a break from giving The Hollywood Reporter fodder  about what a bitch she is to go on The Meredith Viera Show to talk about how she’s totally not a bitch, you guys!

Of course Hagel decided that she’s not a bitch so stop calling her a bitch! She then went on to become a crusader for all women who don’t feel they can speak up and have opinions and say no to shit without being labelled a giant bitch.

Because of course no A-list actress in the history of all time has ever been able to stand up for herself.

Hagel continued to say she had an epiphany in voicing her opinion in a “gracious way”. I guess by that she means not slaughtering the writers of the hit television show that made her a star in the public domain.

I mean at least Heigl isn’t bringing fifty shades of satan to her interviews in the way that a certain other blonde, successful, nightmarish actress is.

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