Jennifer Lawrence goes to skanky house parties in Dulwich

In groundbreaking news for the citizens of Dulwich, international Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and that kid from About A Boy whom Bryan Singer casts in everything (Awkwarddddd) were pictured in Dulwich going to a house party in hoodies.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult in Dulwich

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Dulwich is best known for absolutely nothing at all other than being the place its a total arse-ache to have a house party in UNLESS  ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS THERE. When my friends invite me to a house party in Dulwich im always mysteriously busy doing things such as ‘nothing much’ and ‘not-a-lot’.

J.Law must have wondered what fucking twilight zone of south london she had walked into, and if there was any way to get back to that city thousands of miles away with that magical place called Waterloo Station.

Americans in London are scientifically proven to only be able to process four square feet total of the city before getting fucking lost and panicking if they can’t see a landmark, so J.Law must have though Nicholas had taken her to the country. Unless you count Dulwich college as a landmark, which I don’t.

Now call me wild, but I have never been to a mates house party in London where the dresscode is ‘Trampy’ or ‘Hoodies and trackies with shit all over them’ unless its a bong party and we will be toking up to Spongebob. House parties are still parties,  so unless you are there for drugs or to visit your bogan cousin, then throw on a fucking blazer!

Also, how the fuck did the Paps find out that Jennifer Lawrence was going to some trampy house party in Dulwich?  It’s not like the paparazzi have a stake out in Dulwich for all the HOT clubs and A+ List celebs.

The possibilities then,

A. Her agent tipped them off. Now she seems real and down to earth…again.
B. His agent tipped them off. Now he seems like hes alive!
C. One of his mates tipped them off. AWKWARD HOUSE PARTY ALERT.

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