‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ opens softer than expected.

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ opens softer than expected.

In tragic sob-worthy news, 2014 has become the year where Hollywood executives have been forced to trade in their blood-diamond encrusted jacuzzis to ones made from humble silver and aluminum, because people have finally had enough of paying eight hundred dollars to go and see a movie being constantly interrupted by twats with mobile phones.

Box office grosses are significantly down year on year, and because Hollywood executives are largely a bunch of stupid fucks, the industry was pinning all of its hopes on “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One” to make dat money. It has, of course, but not enough for those greedy anuses!


The movie opened to $17 Million from midnight showings despite widespread snowstorms on the eastern seaboard and no I-MAX grosses to help boost the returns this time around.

That’s right, literally millions of people went to watch this shit at midnight through a fucking snowstorm and yet Hollywood execs are running out into the street, throwing their hands in their air and screaming “WHYYYY, WHYYYY CRUEL WORLD??” because they expected that shit to do marginally better. 

Mockingjay also is estimated to be grossing $55.5 Million on Friday for around $130 Million this weekend which is almost a quarter down from Catching Fire and even down from the original Hunger Games (both opened above $150 Million) and those bitches are confused as to why. So I thought I’d help them figure it out.

Reason number one:


and Reason Number two



Those bitches got greedy!
Mockingjay still got decent reviews and is getting solid word of mouth, but it’s definitively tepid compared to Catching Fire, and the reason? Because they took the shortest, weakest book in the series and split it into two entire two hour movies to make more fucking money.

I saw Mockingjay on Wednesday and that shit is good. It’s engaging, exciting and everyone is into it in the movie. But you can feel them padding that out with dollar signs. They even visit the same location twice for “reflection”. There’s a lot of “reflection” in this movie. If they’d made the final book into one 2 hour 45 minute movie, that shit would have been perfect. As two parts, it’s good.

Still, Lionsgate aren’t going to be crying because they made the movie’s entire production budget back in a weekend and overseas the movie is on track to be even bigger than Catching Fire. As BoxOfficeMojo also points out, the “Part One” of any final chapter in a franchise sees a dip.

Either way, when a movie that is guaranteed to be the biggest film of the year is considered “disappointing” because it’s only grossing above $120 Million and increasing on previous films overseas then you know you have the most ridiculous first world problem known to man.

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