Here’s Lindsay Lohan looking the picture of sobriety


Nothing says “sober clean-living recovering party girl” like getting your tits out and looking like you’ve injected a states-worth of crack into your veins next to a random dude in your hotel room. And so goes the story of Lindsay Lohan, Queen of the Flopback.

Lindsay landed in Cannes recently to promote a movie that isn’t even being made yet called Inconceivable. In case you don’t remember some dumb bitch producer decided to cast Lindsay in the movie essentially because it needed someone famous to get it even made. What those ho’s forgot is that casting Lindsay in a movie costs you Cameron Diaz’s salary alone in insurance costs because surprise surprise, the people who actually have money aren’t all that comfortable with a lead actress who may at any stage steal, smoke or smash up anything she see’s in a fifteen metre radius.

Lindsay has also recently been accused by Radar Online of being into MDMA and Ecstacy. 

If the Holy Oprah can’t save Lindsay Lohan then the only person who can is the master artist who made Nicole Kidman’s new face out of rubber and silica.



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