Here’s Beyonce swaying like a weirdo girl from a horror movie.

So you know in horror movies there’s always someone who’s been exposed to the demon/horror/carnage  and who’s tiny mind couldn’t process it? The one who gets committed to a horrible asylum that looks like it couldn’t possibly exist in modern medicine in Michigan and whispers about scary shit then hangs herself straight after meeting the protagonist?

Well YONCE must have watched one too many horror movies this Halloween, because she brought the mentally damaged horror asylum girl teas to a recent Brooklyn Nets basketball game.

And by “watched one too many horror movies” I of course mean “been as high as a kite.”

It’s good to watch this video and imagine “Why Why Why, Delilah” By Tom Jones is playing. In fact, I think this is a thing that should happen now in this post.

You’re welcome.

Thanks to reader Vanessa for sending in this clip.

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