Fergie Duchess of Watersports has a new video out.

Any old school hard-core LA Deli’ers (you’re out there, somewhere) will remember us from our days as The Deli, and will also remember a unhealthy obsession I took to Fergie Ferg after girlfriend pissed herself on stage that one time. Fergie earned that place in my heart from her leaky bladder and her quote about how she discovered she had a drug problem from talking to a clothes hamper for most of a day. Fergie is a legend, a hero, and nothing negative can be said about her. Except from the fact that her face is all kinds of WHAT but you know, she pee’d herself so defacto get out of fug free card. And in fairness I know a truckload of girls who’d kill to look like the duchess of piss.

Fergie’s LA Love music video has a bunch of famous hos in it because people like Fergie because shes AWESOME.  Fergie also brings the Rapunzel vibes to the video with a fake ponytail that would look at home in Britney’s exquisite collection of “real look wigs”

Fergie Ponytail


Fergie’s song is no “Fergalicious” but i’m sure there are mindless watersports fans who will buy this to honour their qween anyway. Here’s for hoping her next video features her singing to a clothes hamper for four minutes.

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