CNBC’s Squawk Box is a damn mess.

In “Damn, America – You still a dumb bitch!” news, CNBC’s anchors for the painful late night financial experience known as “Squawk Box” decided to invite Irish CEO Martin Shanahan onto their show to basically discuss all the things he had no idea he’d be forced to discuss.

After asking him about Apple and Google’s tax policies, the anchors decided to show viewers why they are trusted, respected names in the financial news sector by not even knowing that Ireland is not, infact, part of the United Kingdom. In addition those ho’s kept asking why Scotland uses pounds if Ireland doesn’t, because its in the same island (not true) and they are like, right next to each other ( true).

Poor fucking Martin, he just went on Squawk Box to talk business and then he had to educate the anchors on the geography of Europe. This is easily forgiven, of course, as it’s not like the EU itself is the largest economic power on the face of the planet or anything.

The seg ends with the anchor querying if Northern Ireland indeed has the pound, stating “You guys gotta get it together over there!” which is interesting because I’m pretty sure Martin feels the same way about you guys.


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