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Lauren Conrad isn’t exactly a feminist.

Despite that fact that The Hills ended about four long-ass years ago now, Lauren Conrad still keeps popping up on magazines and shit. She is now an author and runs her own version of Goop. Turns out that women way prefer reading about Boho dresses...


Beyonce cries very real tears.

A little story about Beyonce. I went to see her ass perform live at the I Am Sasha Gimmick tour, because im a gay man and I will entertain this foolery, and that bitch literally turned tears on and off like an emotional water mains....


What in the toddler tea party hell?

  Here’s Queen of Fraps herself Britney Spears breezing through Los Angeles airport presumably after being released from the special needs section at her local nursery once they finally realized she wasn’t a mentally challenged 3 year old. Seriously, Britney – this outfit is some...