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Dylan Sprouse 0

Who the fuck are these people? remains the world-leader in providing relevant, up to date information, news and stories about people whom we don’t fucking know or care about.  Indeed, this latest story about Dylan Sprouse (????) allegedly cheating on girlfriend Dayna Frazer (????????????????) will shock the many fans of...

How P!nk is Pop Music's most astute business woman. 0

How P!nk is pop’s most astute businesswoman.

P!nk.  She’s got a new song out. And it’s more or less, what you’d expect. It’s emotional and beautifully sung. There’s no shortage of big imagery about isolation and the search for connection, a little angst and anger, and a relentless pop beat and hook...

Mariah's Photoshop Mess 0

The Mariah Carey Photoshop Army strike again.

Presented without comment: Butterfly Empress Mariah Carey’s Instagram in denial of her recent lazy performances or changing body shape. I mean, i love Mimi and i think if she wants to hit up Denny’s at 4am every night then that’s her thing, go for it!...