Britney Spears wants you to know she’s worth more than J.Lo

Since both Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are artists dedicated to the craft of making music that touches people, changes opinions and acts as a reflection of the delicate human psyche using the creative use of sonic textures and emotional hooks, it would seem surprising that either artist would care even a shred about stupid material stuff like power or money.

However, Britney’s management got wind of the story that The Crown Princess of Frapps would be making less money than Hennifer Hopez if she took over from Brit in Vegas, and those hos went straight to TMZ to tell them that Chester Cheeto’s girlfriend is worth way more than that dahllling. If there’s one way to piss Britney Spears’ team off its to act like they are not miking Britney for every single shiny dime she is worth. When Britney dies, her management of her estate will constantly say she’s making more dead that Michael Jackson and that is a fact.

Britney Spears Inc. said yes, Brit originally signed to do 96 shows in Vegas over two years for $29.76 million, or $310k per show. Which is tidy money.

However, they claimed that Planet Hollywood were so pleased with the record ticket sales for Britney that they grabbed PH by the nutsack, saying that if they wanted Britney to up her show count to 140 over the 2 years then those hos would have to chuck a revised $475k per-fucking-show into her bank.

Planet Hollywood ate shit and said yes, and now Britney makes just $1k less than Vegas’ highest earner SALEEN DEEON IN A KAYAK . She’s walking home with over $1 Million in her personal account alone per week after all deductions. In Britney terms, that is a lot of trips to target and ugly antique mirrors.

What the bottom line that Britney Spears Inc. are trying to make here is that Britney Spears is rich beyond her wildest dreams and its sort of outrageous how rich she is because she’s still not singing a live note, also that  Hennifer Hopez can eat shit because Britney is sooooooo much richer and more valuable you guys, like, suck it.

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