Amanda Bynes’ parents are outie.

Amanda Bynes’ parents are outie.

So when you have a troubled daughter like Amanda Bynes things can get sort of difficult. Especially when your daughter is taking to twitter and accusing you of using her for money and, you know, categoric childhood sexual abuse – then saying that a microchip in her brain made her lie about that stuff.

The point is, Amanda Bynes’ picture is right next to the word “Troubled” in the dictionary right now and her parents, Rick and Lynn, have had enough.

TMZ says they are handing over conservatorship of Amanda’s day to day to a mental healthcare professional and her money stuffs to a financial manager.  They’ve had it with all of the drama around their daughter and they are literally selling up and moving to Texas to be near their other daughter.

Presumably this is because Rick and Lynn Bynes are pretty old and are fucking DEFINITELY too old to be dealing with daily accusations of abuse from their mentally ill daughter. In icky situations like this it’s easy to accuse those hos of abandoning Amanda during her hour of need, but the truth is when you’re dealing with someone as far gone as she is, sometimes anything you do, even your presence, can make shit a lot worse.

It’s amazing to me that Amanda Bynes is somehow not in a mental health unit somewhere right now. How that has come to pass is a failure of the law and public health service. Girl is definitively a danger to herself and others and shit needs to get sorted out.

Of course since Amanda Bynes is on a worrying downward spiral, former castmates have come out to talk about how they saw it coming. Former castmate from “All That” Chelsea Brummet told super reliable and totally trustworthy media source RadarOnline that Amanda was “cold” and “insecure”.

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes at the Kids Choice Awards 2004

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes at the Kids Choice Awards 2004

Chelsea said Amanda was hungry to stay the #1 teen star and that when Lindsay Lohan would appear on a red carpet, girlfriend would have a primp and pose moment. She also said that Amanda would barely shake your hand and would try and cut off conversation because she was super icy.

Chelsea also said that Rick Bynes was known to be “controlling” of Amanda on the set. But given that Amanda was a teenager and he was her father, I think we all shouldn’t be surprised about that. Chelsea thinks that because Amanda was trained to be a star from a very early age that when her fame failed after her shows were canned that she probably couldn’t handle that.

What Amanda needs is Papa Spears to come down there with some cheese grits. Papa Spears’ magical cheese grits might have made Brit Brit into a robot with arthritis but at least shes an ALIVE and SORT OF TOGETHER robot with arthritis.

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