Amal Clooney only wears white now.

Because Amal Clooney just had the most low key wedding in the world of all time ever, she decided to take a subtle nod towards her super private and very intimate  nuptials by dressing only in white in her first day back at her day-job.

Amal was clearly unprepared for the pandemonium of proceedings after she arrived in Greece in her extremely understated vehicle which onlookers said they were “definitely-to-60% sure was not the actual popemobile.”


Image: Splash News

Greece might not have any money, but they sure do have a lot of paparazzi, and how was Amal to possibly, POSSIBLY know that despite everything she’s done to keep her wedding special and her life private that the WORLD would be waiting for the half-Lebanese Grace Kelly.

amal clooney


Thankfully, George Clooney picked Amal out of the fanciest catalogue of fancy high-powered smart and ethical women in the world, so she turned up looking like she’d walked out of a White Company catalogue, as this is naturally how everyone dresses when arriving late at night on a business trip.

Shy, retiring Amal was then seen the next day in Greece sporting another white dress. I mean, Amal is lucky that Greece could not afford to take any of the temporary infrastructure down from the Olympics, because all the barricades for paparazzo were already there still from 2004! It’s almost like Greece knew she was coming, but how could they possibly have known?  What, like someone would have tipped off the hotel that hundreds of paparazzi would be there in advance? HAH, What a crazy person you are to suggest such craziness. Amal Clooney is basically the Kate Bush and Agnesta Faltskog of her generation.

Here we can see Amal Clooney is also like really, really good at walking.  She’s also, presumably, relatively good at law stuff, but walking is mainly what we can see her excelling at here.  You can see Amal walking on a paved ground that is in daylight, which is one of the toughest grounds to walk on for a Clooney, and then you can see Amal walking here in the shade, because shade is also a thing you have to walk into sometimes, even if you are now internationally famous. Finally there’s a great shot of Amal walking in both light and shade, because she’s super diverse at where she can walk and look at how great she looks in white you guys.

If you’d like to hear more about how Amal Clooney walks, tune into E! News tonight for a four minute VT of the above pictures buried amongst 1-4 hours of Dancing with the Stars gossip.

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