Album of the Week: Elin Ruth – Queen of Queens

Every now and then we feature an Album of the Week. This is a way for you tricks to get exposure to some new music, because shit knows I like music. I really like music. Which is why I have to hate Cheryl Cole a little bit for what she is doing.

For years i’ve been a fan of Elin Ruth (Or Elin Ruth Sigvardsson) because girlfriend has a distinctive voice, a strong look, and considered, lyrically and melodically staunching tracks. She’d fall in the “Folk Pop” or “Singer Songwriter” category, and she’s definitely worth a check out.

Elin has another new album out called “Here Comes The Storm” which is worth a check out too, but “Queen of Queens and the Last Man Standing” from earlier this year is as strong as any work she’s put out. A soft, retro influenced record – Queen of Queens is buoyed by Elin’s mature experiences of relationships and distinctive, powerful and occasionally raspy voice.

Top Tracks from Album: Cross the Ocean, Lonely Town, Queen of Queens and the Last Man Standing
Deeper Cuts:  Where to Start, 1000 Hands, The War, Long Cold Winter.

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Album of the Week: Elin Ruth – Queen of Queens Deli Llama



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