So Adam Sandler is everyone’s awkward uncle.

So Adam Sandler is everyone’s awkward uncle.

When you turn up to a movie premiere with Jennifer Garner things that might be appropriate to wear include but are not limited to – a tuxedo, a three piece suit, a blazer and smart jeans (if its a romcom) and a neatly tucked shirt with the right trousers.

Things that you probably shouldn’t wear? The uniform of a 74 year old golfer from Florida. Especially if you have enough in the bank to buy Florida.

Adam Sandler didn’t get the memo.



Adam Sandler turned up to a premiere in his fucking sneakers with the laces undone. It’s like Adam decided to be the posterboy for “Tired” and “No fucks left to give” campaigns at the premiere, so much so it just sort of looks like Adam Sandler is a displeased audience member for the premiere of “Men, Women & Children” who doesn’t give a fuck about famous people, so kind of like everyone from Florida then.

Of course this movie looks super boring, and that should be no surprise to anyone since the last fun Jennifer Garner film to have been made was 10 years ago now.


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