About LA Deli


LA Deli is a media, celebrity and pop-culture satire and comedy site dedicated to gently poking fun at the ridiculousness of the cult of celebrity, finding humour in the SERIOUS BUSINESS that is entertainment industry news and most importantly keeping a close eye on Lindsay Lohan’s vagina to ensure we never have to endure what we suffered in 2007 ever again.

Founded in 2005, LA Deli has a long and boring history.

Much like American Idol, we were once the top of our game back when we were known as The Deli. But also like American Idol, I forgot to pay the bills and when we lost our domain name our ratings slid heavily.

So a few years later LA Deli was born as the kind of bastard spinoff lovechild of The Deli. We are here hoping to bring you the familiar mix of poorly written satire, half-arsed coverage of celebrity gossip and lots of pictures of famous people falling over and flipping the paparazzi the bird – because being famous is really really difficult and we should all feel very bad about this whole gilded cage situation.

You can find LA Deli on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+. Youtube and of course at LA-DELI.COM, LA-DELI.ORG or LA-DELI.NET.

Our main domain though, and true home, is la-deli.com so bookmark it now! Go on, I can wait.

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