Anne Hathway is wonderful and great THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Anne Hathway is wonderful and great THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

So after the backlash over Les Miserables known as Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress of ALL TIME” I had kind of thought that Hollywood had  punished that ho for being professional, hard-working and female by blacklisting her forever.

Well that didn’t happen, because Anne Hathaway is back in Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Interstellaaaahhhhhhhhh

Since Interstellaahhhhh is going to be the movie you will be literally sick of hearing about come January, Anne, Jessica Chastain and Texas BBQ Revival Matthew McConaughey have been out pimping this movie hard.  During the London promo round,  a junket reporter decided to ask if Anne Hathaway was more like Annightmare to work with. Naturally, those movie star hos did not take kindly to one of their own being called out.

Jessica Chastain said

“Anne Hathaway is so nice” declared the red head, leaning into the mic for maximum effect and volume. “Everyone who says things like that are bullies and they’re mean. She’s so nice, she’s so talented, she’s intelligent and generous and a beautiful person and I hope to work with her again and again and again.”

After she said that Anne Hathaway gently loosened the pressure from the scissors she had held against Jessica’s back, Chastain turned to her for approval and Anne shook her head slowly. She forgot “gorgeous” It’s the chokey for Jessica tonight.

Texas BBQ Revival chimed in to say that Anne was super professional and shit. Which would make a change from that sloppy bitch Kate Hudson.

“It was my first time working with Anne, and I really enjoyed it. One she’s a complete professional. She reminded me of something which I don’t always do, but it takes a lot of courage as an actor, my favourite thing that she did, that I learned from her, was variation of takes.”

And then Chris Nolan made some sarcastic comment about how all of his actors that he chooses to work with again and again are obviously horrible. He’s English, so sarcasm is his default emoticon.

I gotta say  though, after Anne Hathaway killed all those puppies at the last Oscars it’s amazing Hollywood have given her another shot.

Maybe, just maybe, we should all take a moment to overlook the fact that Anne Hathaway’s phoned in humble persona is super irritating to admit that she’s a good, professional, talented actress. Even though she’s got ten shades of theatre kid ready to launch into a spicy rendition of “Fat Sam’s Grandslam“, she’s still a good, professional, talented actress. Anne Hathaway might be a lot of things, but “difficult to work with” she isn’t. Move along.

So, Then…The Trivago Woman.

In todays edition of “So, Then…” we have the basic brunette from the Trivago adverts.

Not only is the chick from the Trivago adverts super fucking demanding and high maintainence (Her ideal holiday is essentially George Clooney’s Lake Como palace)  but she has her A+++++ game in camera fucking. She’s a long lost Kardashian sister. Girlfriend is out to make serious sweet, sweet love to the camera!The DOP must have had a huge boner throughout the entire shoot given how she’s looking at his ass. The Trivago woman wants you to think you are super sexy and super funny, sexy, smart and hilarious!  Trivago woman says the word “book” a little like the word “poop”. She’s multi-talented in every way!

Most importantly, Trivago woman can do irritating half-laughing over a balcony without killing herself. That shit is a serious talent. So many have failed at being adorable on a balcony before, but Trivago woman is the superstar of almost dying whilst laughing.


Britney Spears wants you to know she’s worth more than J.Lo

Britney Spears wants you to know she’s worth more than J.Lo

Since both Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are artists dedicated to the craft of making music that touches people, changes opinions and acts as a reflection of the delicate human psyche using the creative use of sonic textures and emotional hooks, it would seem surprising that either artist would care even a shred about stupid material stuff like power or money.

However, Britney’s management got wind of the story that The Crown Princess of Frapps would be making less money than Hennifer Hopez if she took over from Brit in Vegas, and those hos went straight to TMZ to tell them that Chester Cheeto’s girlfriend is worth way more than that dahllling. If there’s one way to piss Britney Spears’ team off its to act like they are not miking Britney for every single shiny dime she is worth. When Britney dies, her management of her estate will constantly say she’s making more dead that Michael Jackson and that is a fact.

Britney Spears Inc. said yes, Brit originally signed to do 96 shows in Vegas over two years for $29.76 million, or $310k per show. Which is tidy money.

However, they claimed that Planet Hollywood were so pleased with the record ticket sales for Britney that they grabbed PH by the nutsack, saying that if they wanted Britney to up her show count to 140 over the 2 years then those hos would have to chuck a revised $475k per-fucking-show into her bank.

Planet Hollywood ate shit and said yes, and now Britney makes just $1k less than Vegas’ highest earner SALEEN DEEON IN A KAYAK . She’s walking home with over $1 Million in her personal account alone per week after all deductions. In Britney terms, that is a lot of trips to target and ugly antique mirrors.

What the bottom line that Britney Spears Inc. are trying to make here is that Britney Spears is rich beyond her wildest dreams and its sort of outrageous how rich she is because she’s still not singing a live note, also that  Hennifer Hopez can eat shit because Britney is sooooooo much richer and more valuable you guys, like, suck it.

So Then… The Nicole Scherzinger Cats promo pictures are here.

This picture of Nicole Scherzinger has been released promoting her starring role in CATS as “Grizabella the Glamour Cat” which is a sentence that made me laugh out loud almost as hard as the pictures themselves.

In them, Nicole is bringing some Pat Benetar wannabe realness mixed with the theatrical ambition of Lea Michele and it’s scary…but not as scary as the hack-ass photoshop job.

Nicole Scherzinger has an exceptionally busy schedule of releasing flop singles and starring in adverts for literally anyone who will have her, bitch does not have time to do a dress run with the cast for the photographer. Nicole Scherzinger took these pictures in a cupboard alone and probably wont meet the cast until she’s giving them a Muller Light on performance night, and then they will know exactly how the rest of the Pussycat Dolls felt.


Taylor Swift can literally fart in a microphone for a #1 hit.

Taylor Swift can literally fart in a microphone for a #1 hit.

Jewel-adorned buttercup princess, cat collector and former country singer Taylor Swift has proven that crossing over and waving “Bye, Bitch!” to Nashville is the way to go if your life goal includes “owning a state”.

Everywhere you go, IT’S TAYLOR SWIFT.  Taylor Swift managed to overcome the Taylor Swift fatigue….with more Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift wants you to think of her as an adorable fluffy kitten by association and it’s fucking working. Everyone loves Taylor Swift. Look how many times i’ve written the name Taylor Swift in like three sentences and it’s felt natural and right, because everything you read, do, breathe and see is TAYLOR SWIFT.

It turns out Canada is at the centre of the Swiftpidemic and they have a boner for her in a big way. And I mean like a six day viagra boner.

EntertainmentWise reports that Taylor Swift released eight seconds of white noise (“accidentally”) and it went to #1 in Canada immediately. Not only did her white noise go to #1, but it sold enough in the short time to remain #1,  beating out her #2 and #3 positions.

Taylor Swift's White Noise

Yeah so Taylor Swift literally has 4 out of the 10 top ten tracks in Canada, and one of them is literally nothing. Taylor Swift should probably shit in a box and sell it on the Canadian Ebay for $10,000,000, because Canada would clearly band together and buy that poop and place it in a little Taylor Swift’s Poo museum and charge people $500 a time to go and admire the poop.

Taylor Swift needs to realize what Britney realized a long time ago. When enough people are feverishly obsessed with you, then doing actual things like singing, dancing, showing up to things? Un-necessary! You just need to appear on EXTRA! once a year, string together a few words, talk about vanilla candles (you can even look disinterested and uncomfortable if you like) and have someone make a perfume for you. Et Voila.

At this stage i think Taylor Swift just released white noise to show Katy Perry that she’s the boss bitch, and I kind of like her for that.


LeAnn Rimes, it really has come to this.

Because LeAnn Rimes has literally nothing else to do with her days, she got on Windows Movie Maker, chose an outfit from her careful pulling of “trashy and slutty Halloween costumes that make no sense” and somehow sold her Christmas tour as a Halloween event in a two part VIDEO SPECTACULAR which clocks in just over 6 minutes in total.  Beyonce and Jay-Z are nothing compared to the creative genius and high budget wows that LeAnn brings.

In the videos, LeAnn Rimes is chased by three dwarf elves who want her to put some fucking clothes on. Not alone there, dwarf elves! But since LeAnn was born with the Tori Spelling bone of famewhoring for your damn life she can’t help herself! LeAnn dresses wildly inappropriately to give children Halloween candy and those dwarf elves are not having it! The neighbours are talking, LeAnn!

If you want to sit and be mortally embarrassed for a grown-ass woman then please take the time to watch the above videos.

Videos courtesy of Dlisted.

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